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Save Energy

I went to see a friend the other day who has a big, old house and she said we were the only people who she didn’t hand a blanket too when they walked in the door as we had a cold house too! I only have electricity, no gas, so I try to get by all winter with just using one storage heater, two when it gets really cold and an electric stove if I’m caught by some really cold weather. So the upstairs in my house isn’t heated at all.
Our energy bills are one of our biggest expenses after rent/mortgage and food. So I think we need to look at some ways to save on these bills.
1.Turn off standby appliances. So any TVs or other appliances should be turned off at the wall. Don’t leave laptops or mobile phones on charge when they are charged up.
2.Turn down your thermostat. If you are lucky enough to have central heating controlled by a thermostat, you can save quite a bit of money by turning it down just by one degree. You can also use the timer to make sure that your house is only heated when you …


I recently discovered 20Cogs, a website where you complete offers to earn bonuses which they will pay out when you have completed all 20 “cogs”. The trials are a mixture of website sign ups, free offers or gambling sites. To complete some of the offers, particularly the gambling sites, you have to pay a deposit and play through it.
When you have completed an offer it will show as “pending” and then when your completion has been verified it will show as “confirmed”. When all your cogs have been confirmed a claim button will appear and you can get your money by BACS or PayPal in a few days.
It took me about 2 months to get through all the offers as it took me a while to get through the gambling sites which I find very boring and never win on! Some of the offers take about 30 days to verify as well. A number of the offers are free but I spent £51.18 on the offers and received £167.50 from them by PayPal.
You need to be very organised and make sure you make a note of when you have to ca…

Shop Smart!

Food is a large part of our budget, so how am I going to cut my shopping bill. So here are some of the things I’ve thought off. I don’t eat meat so I have no idea how you get that cheaper!

1.Change to value brands. Luckily my daughter’s favourite brand of baked beans (and she eats a lot of these!) is Tesco own brand baked beans. I’m very happy buying own brand frozen food, tinned foods and jars of sauces. Compare prices though, some of the special offers on branded food can be cheaper.
2.Check out the reduced foods. Find out when your supermarket puts the prices down on their fresh foods that are reaching their sell-by-date. I love mature cheese so I do really well on things like Somerset Brie and other fancy cheeses but there are often ready meals.
3.mySupermarket is an app that will help you save money by comparing prices of products over different supermarkets.
4.My daughter’s favourite new hoppy is wombling! She loves finding discarded receipts that haven’t had the loyalty points used…

What do you Think?

How to make money from online Surveys
I’ve been doing surveys for a very long time. They are a great way to make some extra cash. You can’t make a living out of doing them but enough to be worthwhile and you can do them at home without moving from in front of the TV. Surveys usually pay out in vouchers, I like Amazon vouchers, and have always paid for most of the Christmas and Birthday presents I’ve bought. Some do pay out cash or pre-paid Visa cards.
Anybody can do surveys, they like a wide demographic- there are even some that your children can do. They don’t just offer online surveys, you can also do one on your phone, in home product testing, focus groups.
Just sign up and fill in your profile and the surveys will start appearing in your email inbox!
These are a few of my favourite sites
A good site with plenty of surveys is Toluna. This site pays out in vouchers, gifts or PayPal. You do need to earn lots of points to get anything and it does take a while to get the rewar…

First Steps

Hi all! Nice to meet you.
I’m Clare and I was made redundant on 30th November last year from a job I’d only been in for 2 years. I’m not used to being unemployed, if I leave a job it’s usually only to go onto another one. Fortunately I had been there long enough to get some redundancy money so that saw us over Christmas.
I wasn’t expecting to get a job very quickly as it was the Christmas season and employers aren’t looking for new staff at that time, I thought come January something would come up. It didn’t! I’ve found about half a dozen jobs I could apply for, not all in my usual field of bookkeeping and only had one interview since then which I didn’t get. So things aren’t looking so good.

As an older single mum with an 11 year old daughter who is very active, I knew we’d have to make some changes. On the plus side, I won’t be spending as much money on petrol driving into work and sitting in traffic jams and my electricity use won’t go up much as we only have electricity which won’t …