I recently discovered 20Cogs, a website where you complete offers to earn bonuses which they will pay out when you have completed all 20 “cogs”. The trials are a mixture of website sign ups, free offers or gambling sites. To complete some of the offers, particularly the gambling sites, you have to pay a deposit and play through it.

When you have completed an offer it will show as “pending” and then when your completion has been verified it will show as “confirmed”.  When all your cogs have been confirmed a claim button will appear and you can get your money by BACS or PayPal in a few days.

It took me about 2 months to get through all the offers as it took me a while to get through the gambling sites which I find very boring and never win on! Some of the offers take about 30 days to verify as well. A number of the offers are free but I spent £51.18 on the offers and received £167.50 from them by PayPal.

You need to be very organised and make sure you make a note of when you have to cancel subscriptions before they start charging you for further months on things like Which? or ToucanBox or Grazebox which you don’t want or need. Make sure you read all the instructions as the offers will probably be for new customers. There are a variety of offers on each cog, so you don’t have to do the more expensive ones if you don’t want to but you can’t move on to the next cog until you have completed the one before.

I didn’t get many spam emails or unwanted phone calls though it is very difficult to get rid of some of the lottery sites texts! If you can, make sure you check boxes that can opt you out of being contacted.

According to 20Cogs the biggest pay out has been over £700 and the average is £200, so I was a little below the average but this depends on how much you are willing to spend to get the bigger rewards.

When it came to requesting my pay out the claim button appeared on time and when I clicked it I was told they paid out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I was paid on the first pay run after I claimed.

My only real complaint was that some of the cogs stayed on pending after they should have shown as completed and I had to raise a ticket with the helpdesk and send them screenshots to show that I had followed the instructions correctly. However, the helpdesk worked and sorted things quickly.

The “refer a friend” scheme also lets you earn 5% of anything anybody who signs up through your link earns too.

Here’s mine! I’ll be very grateful if you use it!


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