Shop Smart!

Food is a large part of our budget, so how am I going to cut my shopping bill. So here are some of the things I’ve thought off. I don’t eat meat so I have no idea how you get that cheaper!

1.       Change to value brands. Luckily my daughter’s favourite brand of baked beans (and she eats a lot of these!) is Tesco own brand baked beans. I’m very happy buying own brand frozen food, tinned foods and jars of sauces. Compare prices though, some of the special offers on branded food can be cheaper.

2.       Check out the reduced foods. Find out when your supermarket puts the prices down on their fresh foods that are reaching their sell-by-date. I love mature cheese so I do really well on things like Somerset Brie and other fancy cheeses but there are often ready meals.

3.       mySupermarket is an app that will help you save money by comparing prices of products over different supermarkets.

4.       My daughter’s favourite new hoppy is wombling! She loves finding discarded receipts that haven’t had the loyalty points used. Anything that says you could have got … points on this shop. Just take them to customer services and they’ll put them on your card.

5.       Make sure you write a shopping list before you go shopping, and try to keep to it. That way you won’t find you have a cupboard full of pasta. It will also make it easier to stick to the weekly budget that you are going to set yourself!

6.       Try a cheaper supermarket, if you have a Lidl or Aldi near you see how much cheaper they are but don’t get caught by all those interesting displays where they have their weekly deals. B&M are also good for shopping especially those with frozen food sections.

7.       Supermarkets have lots of dirty tricks to make you think things are cheaper than they are. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry all that lovely fresh and colourful fruit and veg when you go in and then all those wonderful smells of cooking food will make you want to buy more. Talking of fruit and veg, try and buy loose as the pre-prepared and packaged will be a whole lot more expensive. One of the first things I’ve noticed is that the most expensive items are at eye-level and the cheaper versions are lower down and a bit more hidden. Watch out for the BOGOF offers and check they really are cheaper than buying one, and will you use it all anyway?

8.       Coupons use as many coupons as you can find. You can also use coupon sites for codes that can be used when you are shopping on line.

9.       Check out the price of frozen fruit, it can be much cheaper than fresh and just as tasty and healthy! Also remember that out of season fruit and veg is much more expensive than those in season.

10.   And finally, don’t forget to take your own bags, all those 5p bags add up and I think some supermarkets are putting them up to 10p.


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