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How to make money from online Surveys

I’ve been doing surveys for a very long time. They are a great way to make some extra cash. You can’t make a living out of doing them but enough to be worthwhile and you can do them at home without moving from in front of the TV. Surveys usually pay out in vouchers, I like Amazon vouchers, and have always paid for most of the Christmas and Birthday presents I’ve bought. Some do pay out cash or pre-paid Visa cards.

Anybody can do surveys, they like a wide demographic  - there are even some that your children can do. They don’t just offer online surveys, you can also do one on your phone, in home product testing, focus groups.

Just sign up and fill in your profile and the surveys will start appearing in your email inbox!

These are a few of my favourite sites


A good site with plenty of surveys is Toluna. This site pays out in vouchers, gifts or PayPal. You do need to earn lots of points to get anything and it does take a while to get the reward after you have ordered but they are worth waiting for.

Inbox Pounds

This site offers surveys and offers in exchange for pre-paid visa cards. You can sometimes increase your earnings by playing games.  They have quite a few surveys and you get paid out at £20.


This is another one with surveys and offers. You can exchange your points for all sorts of rewards. I find this particularly good for getting DVDs, frequently new releases and other presents that you might not have seen to buy.

Populus Live

I like this site as it doesn’t seem to take long to get to the 50 points to get your £50 pay out. This is paid by cheque at the end of the month. There is also the chance to win prizes in their monthly prize draw. I don’t seem to have done many surveys to get to the 50 points but that was only the end of January and I’m waiting for my first cheque.


YouGov surveys are commissioned by lots of different organisations and so they are more interesting. You need to get to 500 points to get your £50 pay out by BACS. I’ve been on this site for many years and had a few payments but it does take quite a long time to get to the 500 points as the surveys aren’t as frequent as other sites.

Global Test Market

Another site I really like is Global Test Market. There are plenty of surveys and the pay outs can be quite small, so it doesn’t take so long to collect enough Life Points to get a £10 amazon voucher or one of the other ones they offer.


This site offers plenty of surveys and pays out when you hit £30. Again it takes a while to get to the £30 but apparently I’ve had £263 from them over the years I’ve been on the site!

So sign up, enjoy and earn that bit extra for Christmas!


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