Money Saving Tips

In this blog, I thought I’d look at how small actions can help us to save money just a few simple things to do without really putting any effort into it!

No-spend Days

Can you manage one day a week when you don’t actually spend anything at all? It might not be possible to spend absolutely nothing if you have to pay bus fares to get to work. This may need some planning ahead and managed to save money by buying a season ticket or getting somebody to give you a lift if you can’t walk. Just try not to give in to those impulses to buy a snack or that gorgeous top you see as you pass the shop. You can soon train yourself to stop and think, “Do I really need this?” not just on your No-spend Days but every day.


Whatever you have on annual contract and that comes up for renewal, ring them up and ask for the cancellations department. Tell them you want to cancel as you have found the same thing cheaper. You’ll be amazed how much lower they can make the price. This works really well with the Car Breakdown companies; with mine they will hold this discounted price for the following renewal too. Mobile phone companies don’t like you cancelling contracts so they will put you through to their loyalty team who can offer substantial discounts. If you have had problems and a bad experience the customer services team will be able to offer something so that you don’t leave.

Electric and Gas

Just spend a little time comparing prices for you energy bills on a price comparison site. Switching suppliers is very easy and free, just make sure the contract you are on doesn’t have exit fees. I’m just waiting for my Staywarm grant to come through and then I’ll be changing supplier as when I tried to sign up for the latest fixed price deal they wanted £92 a month and I’m sick of them holding £200-£300 a month of my money!

Save Money when Spending

Try Amazon Warehouse, where you can get almost anything at a discount. This is where they sell the returns at a big discount. You get the same guarantees that the things are working properly or your money back. They also sell warehouse-damaged, refurbished and used items that are in good condition but don’t meet Amazon’s standards to be sold as new. Don’t worry if you can’t find what you want the first time you visit, stock is always changing.


When buying over the counter medicines always buy the own brand version. They are exactly the same as they have the same Patent number so have the same ingredients so the effect is the same at a much cheaper price.


Retailers often sell things for 99p rather than a round £1 to make us think they are cheaper! So all those 1p pieces just weigh down your purse or pocket. Clear out your purse regularly and put all that small change in a jar. Even if you only put £1 a week in, you’ve got £50 in there by the end of the year. That’s a bit more you can spend at Christmas or on your summer holiday! I used to take the change into the Post Office and change it for notes but they aren’t keen to do this anymore and your bank will want you to put it in your account and won’t change it if you don’t bank with them, on the plus side you won’t have to count the change just put it in one of their machines!

Write it down!

Money just disappears, doesn’t it! Keep a spending diary for a couple of weeks so you can see exactly what you are spending from that bar of chocolate up to filling your car up with petrol. This will keep you more focused and you’ll be able to see where you can cut back and save money!


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