Sell your books!

It’s never been easier to sell your books, games, CDs and DVDs online. Most of the main websites that buy your unwanted items have apps which you can download onto your phone. These apps have a scanner that will scan the barcode from your items and immediately give you a valuation.

You don’t actually have to download the apps if you don’t want to, you can just type the ISBN number on the website.

Payment is by bank transfer or paypal and I’ve been happy with bank transfer. Payments are pretty quick and they will keep you updated on the progress of their checking procedure.

My suggestion is to use two or three of these apps as the prices can vary from one site to another. Once you have got your quotation and have boxed up your items, you can download a pre-paid postage label and then either take them to a drop off point or get them collected.

This only really works if you are getting rid of quite a few books as you have to sell at least £5 worth. I’ve done this twice and made over £20 each time with books, I haven’t tried CDs, games or DVDs. You need to make sure that the books are in good condition or they won’t pay you for them or return them. I haven’t had a problem with this.

My favourites are and Ziffit. Another site that I have heard good things about is musicMagpie, which I think was the original. They will also buy phones, tech and Lego!

I have checked with Ziffit and they will take faulty tech items but if they can’t fix it they will have to return it.


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