As good MoneySensers, we always collect our points at the supermarket and petrol station when we shop, can you believe that other people don’t? They leave their receipts in trolleys, bins, at self-service checkouts and on the floor and they haven’t collected the points! Leaving them for us (slightly naughty) MoneySensers to use their points.  

The receipts don’t just list the items bought but can include vouchers for petrol and money off coupons and above all the number of points you could have earned on that shop. So like The Wombles of Wimbledon Common, we pick up the receipts and benefit from them.

With Tesco Clubcard, you get 1 point for every pound you spend at Tesco’s the points can add up and you get money off vouchers in the post but you can also use your points towards days out. Somebody’s big shop can save you quite a bit on your shopping if they don’t want to.

Nectar card points from Sainsbury’s also give you 1 point for every £1 which you can use at over 500 shops including Argos and Debenhams as well as towards days out and restaurants.

It might be a bit embarrassing picking up discarded receipts but the supermarkets really don’t care, though they don’t particularly like you to pick up receipts in store or from bins.

Top Tips

1.    Windy days are great for wombling - as people tend to pup their receipts just in the top of their shopping bags, they are easily picked up and blown away.

2.    Pay day – Come the end of the month, when people are paid, they have more money to spend, that’s more people shopping and bigger receipts.

3.    Act like a Womble – Wombles don’t like to be seen so act natural and don’t look embarrassed or self-conscious. My daughter is a master at this, she makes it look like she isn’t doing anything!

4.    No rummaging through bins or take receipts from in store. Just pick up the discarded receipts and keep to the terms and conditions of each scheme.

5.    I go to the customer service desk to get the points. I just say, “Please can you put these points on my card”. I don’t offer any explanations or elaborate and never have any problems.

So let your inner Womble out and start saving!


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