Saving on Energy Costs

Here are a few tips on how to use less energy and save the planet as well as money!

1.    Just by turning your thermostat down by 1⁰C, which you really won’t notice, can reduce your heating costs by about £75 a year.

2.    Wear more clothes! Just wear slippers, extra socks and a jumper at home and add an extra blanket at night and you won’t need to turn the heating back up.

3.    If you have a power shower, you should turn the pressure down as they can use more water than a bath.

4.    Use your oven to warm up. When you’ve finished cooking, leave the oven door open to warm the kitchen. It might even let you turn your thermostat down even further and much better than using an extractor fan to throw that heat out!

5.    Keep your fridge and freezer full so they use less energy.

6.    Use your washing machine on a lower temperature; it’s better for your clothes as well as your energy bills!

7.    If you are still using a tumble drier, take the clothes out before they are totally dry to cut energy and make ironing quicker and easier.

8.    When you finish using an appliance, turn it off at the wall as well. Leaving them on standby wastes lots of energy.

9.    Check you are on the cheapest energy tariff regularly and don’t be afraid to change your supplier if necessary.

10. Make sure you are paying by the cheapest method. Pay by monthly direct debit but keep an eye on this as suppliers are more than happy to put up your direct debit and keep you in hundreds of pounds of credit. Much better in your account than theirs!


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