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Make up for Less!

Us ladies love make-up, we love to browse the new ranges, buy some to try, spend hours putting it on, trying new styles, talking about it with friends. But we can have as much fun saving money and finding bargains.
1.Find what you have got
Have a good rummage through your drawers and handbag and see what you have forgotten about, haven’t finished or haven’t got round to using yet.
2.Buy Less Expensive Brands
You don’t need to buy that salon brand shampoo or make up from a department store, or expensive brand products, you’ll be surprised that cheaper brands can be just as good. Try downgrading one product at a time to see for yourself that cheaper brands can be perfectly good.
3.Buy more!
If you buy larger sizes of toiletries or buying in bulk you can save money. Careful though, check price per unit as sometimes shops will play on the fact that people assume that bigger sizes will be cheaper!
4.Grab a Freebie
Watch out for free samples, you can join websites that will tell you when free sampl…

Write On!

Hi All
Many apologies for not posting recently but I have been really busy. Easter Holidays and catching up with things after that! My daughter said she was having difficulty hearing at school so I took her to the doctors and we ended up with a number of appointments at the hospital and when we went there we ended up with more appointments, which haven’t finished yet!
I have been trying to earn some money by writing SEO content but that didn’t work out well! I used people per hour but neither of the clients I got worked out. One was removed from the website and so I didn’t send them any work and the other wanted to work through Skype and I wrote some articles for them but never got paid!
So instead of wasting the articles I put them on Vocal so they couldn’t use them either. Unfortunately one of the articles was already used and had be copywrited so I couldn’t use put it on. I have a number of articles on Vocal already and ha…