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Hi All

Many apologies for not posting recently but I have been really busy. Easter Holidays and catching up with things after that! My daughter said she was having difficulty hearing at school so I took her to the doctors and we ended up with a number of appointments at the hospital and when we went there we ended up with more appointments, which haven’t finished yet!

I have been trying to earn some money by writing SEO content but that didn’t work out well! I used people per hour but neither of the clients I got worked out. One was removed from the website and so I didn’t send them any work and the other wanted to work through Skype and I wrote some articles for them but never got paid!

So instead of wasting the articles I put them on Vocal so they couldn’t use them either. Unfortunately one of the articles was already used and had be copywrited so I couldn’t use put it on. I have a number of articles on Vocal already and have been paid one by them for doing a survey and am nearly up to the $35 dollars I need for a payout. You need to promote your own articles and I have put them on Facebook and Twitter.

I did make some money from writing articles a few years ago from clients I found on Absolute Write forum https://absolutewrite.com/forums/forum.php but I haven’t found any jobs on there recently.

There must be plenty of work out there for writers of Blog content, articles for websites and other things. I will be looking into that soon and let you know!


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