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Speak English? Teach English!

One of my favourite ways of making a little extra money (no, you won’t make fortune doing this!) is teaching English to Chinese children online. The majority of the children are great, really keen to learn and able to concentrate very well and happy to chat. The parents are supportive and often sit and help the children whilst you are teaching them.
The downside is that they have different standards in China! I have heard of children taking the tutor to the toilet with them and children being hit whilst the teacher can see. However, I have only once had a parent threaten a small child with whip but he didn’t actually hit the child or mention the whip again. The other problem is that the parents expect too much of very young children, often as young as 4 and expect them to sit and concentrate for 25 minutes.
What you do is sign up with a third-party company, who will book the lessons for you in the hours you have contracted to work and pay you. Many of the companies will provide a virt…