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Using coupons can save you £100s and they are easily available on the internet, in newspapers and magazines and in shops. The other day a friend was taking me and my daughter out for a meal, so I checked online and found a 25% off coupon that I could download on to my mobile phone, he was amazed how much money we saved on the meal.

NB, shops can turn down the coupons so I wouldn’t recommend that you don’t make a special trip to the shop just to get that one thing.

Vouchers are available for restaurants, days out, utilities, fashion and gyms as well as grocery shopping.

Some people seem to make a career out of couponing, which is called extreme couponing. They spend hours searching for coupons and using them as effectively as possible, leading to getting their shopping for a fraction of the price.

You don’t have to go to these lengths; even casually using a few coupons you happen to have on you can save you a few quid. You could put in a little more effort and save on things you need buy trying to combine a coupon and a discount.  This can save you quite a bit of money!

So why do companies allow savings like this! Obviously not out of the goodness of their hearts! These promotions are there to lure customers in so that they can make more money from them! They want to get new customers into their shops with large discounts on a few things. Then they want to keep their existing customers and get them to spend even more money and buy things that they wouldn’t normally.

Where to Find Coupons

The trick is to keep your eyes peeled as these coupons are everywhere, you just have to find them.

Firstly there are printable coupons. This is the easiest way to get coupons, though you will need to download coupon printing software. This software is safe and easy to use and ensures you have the barcode ready to be scanned in store.

Best Sites

A good place to start for grocery coupons is MSE’s coupon page They also have a discount vouchers page.

Proctor & Gamble have their own website which has coupons for their products, including toiletries, cleaning products and pet food. However, just check that by buying supermarket own labels you aren’t getting the products cheaper. Their other site is, which sometimes offers printable coupons and free samples
The Johnson & Johnson site is at

Most printable coupons only allow you to print coupons once but band own websites might let you print twice. So don’t miss out.

Check out the free in-store magazines for coupons, if they charge for the magazine, check before you buy that there are coupons you want and that will save you more money than you spend. Don’t forget to go through your newspaper and magazine to ensure you don’t miss any, though there less than there used to be.

Write to your favourite companies and tell them how much you love their products and they’ll probably send you a coupon! Even better, get your kids to write or draw a picture! We did really well with Innocent Smoothies!

Or complain! If you have a problem with an item, tell the company, they will probably send you a replacement or coupons. Just keep they faulty product as they might want to see it. I suggest you send them a photo.

For other vouchers try googling the “name of the company and voucher codes”. This is great for entertainment and tickets. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, go to a specialist voucher code website, such as and

Let me know your best couponing experience!


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